Fort Knox Braces – 100% механична защита за таблети и смартфони

With the rapid pace of innovations in consumer electronics and information technology, industries are constantly releasing new products onto the market. These products are extremely popular and sell rapidly after their retail launch. Cutting-edge products are popular not only among consumers but also among shoplifters. Furthermore, shoplifters have become bolder, more violent, and do not back down from aggressive robbery.

Responding to market demands from high-theft areas, we developed our “impregnable” mechanical protection—the Fort Knox Brace.

The Fort Knox family is our toughest mechanical tool against aggressive theft. It provides outstanding mechanical as well as electrical security and product powering. It is fixed to the furniture so that only employees are able to open it with a special device.


Fort Knox for Phones

Fort Knox Fix is a simple, effective solution. The display merchandise is firmly affixed in the brace, which still allows consumers to test the touch screen and for employees to recharge the product. Fort Knox Fix allows you to rotate the merchandise in portrait, landscape, and upside-down positions

Fort Knox Flat is developed for flat surfaces that are horizontal, vertical, or even slanted. Fort Knox Flat allows the merchandise to rotate in portrait, landscape, and upside-down positions.

Fort Knox Flex provides the above-mentioned features and also allows customers to take the display merchandise in hand—yet security won’t diminish thanks to the Flex’s strong industrial metal mesh Bowden cable and hardened steel spring.

The Flex’s unique feature is that it is adjustable and can be applied to nearly the full range of smart phones and mobile phones on the market.

Fort Knox за таблети

Fort Knox Tablet е фиксирано решение което ви позволява да завъртате таблета в портретен и лендскейп вариант, както и в посока нагоре и надолу.
Минимални размери на таблета: 111 x 178 x 6.5 mm
Максимални размери на таблета: 209 x 276 x 17 mm
Зареждане : до 21V и 3A


  • Регулируеми размери, пасващи с почти всички марки и модели смартфони/ теблети.
  • Възможно най-високата степен на сигурност.
  • Интегриран в мебелите.
  • Може да бъда отворен само от служителите.
  • Осигурена аларма и захранване за смартфона/таблета.
  • Налична като фиксирана стойка или флекс стойка която позволява въртене.
  • Флекс стойката позволява на клиента да държи продукта в ръка.
  • Тъч екраните остават напълно функционални.





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