Fly – екстенжън за стабилност на таблети и фаблети

Fly was developed to provide additional support for larger-display gadgets such as tablets and eReaders. We recommend using it with devices of 7” (18 cm) width or larger, to prop up the merchandise stably and prevent any accidental damage.

The exclusive and patented feature of our product is the unique 3-position presentation option. This feature makes it possible to present automatic screen rotation—a new and popular function in tablet computers—to spectacular effect.
When you purchase our new Peak 4W or Pyramid 4W with 4-way sensors, the optional Fly support can be placed and removed easily within seconds. We highly recommend these solutions if you change your display merchandise frequently. Sizes S and L are available.

And, if you purchase Peak, Fly can still be optionally used; however, you’ll need to be ready to undertake a quick repair to fix it. We recommend this solution if you do not change your display often to feature merchandise of different sizes.

When you order Pyramid, please indicate whether you’d like to receive the products with or without Fly support. Fly cannot be fixed to Pyramid or removed from it.