Following the success of our 4W tablet solutions launched in 2012, the Shopguard Design House has finally revealed its ultramodern yet stylish-looking new range of camera solutions with the special capability of powering 100% of all kinds of imaging devices.

The CHU range can be applied universally to all camera types, such as digital cameras, camcorders, bridge cameras. and high professional single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras. Security is provided in 3 levels: 1. securing the main body, 2. securing the removable lens, and 3. securing the battery pack inside the camera. The all-new Shopguard CHU Camera solutions are available in the following variations:

  • retractable or spiral cable solution depending on customer’s store/furniture design or budget
  • black- or white-colored body for the perfect matching design
  • two different heights for the optimal merchandising layout

  • Individual post
  • Fits digital still cameras (DSCs), SLRs, and video cameras
  • Clean, recoiler-based solution, optionally available with spiral cable
  • Retractable solution: strong, high-security, braided-metal-core retractable cable
  • Revolutionary charging with flexible PCB
  • 100% charging capability for all camera types
  •  Illuminated sensor base
  • Secondary protection for SLR cameras
  • Third-level protection for original battery packs
  • Anti-fall protection for SLR cameras